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Car insurance is a mandatory item here in Las Vegas and if you’re caught operating a vehicle without car insurance here in Nevada you’ll most likely be facing very high penalties and fines or even at the worst, going to jail and serving time.  Having no auto insurance in Las Vegas is a serious problem and one you don’t want to have.  While there are literally hundreds of choices for Las Vegas vehicle insurance, it can really be overwhelming choosing the right insurance company for you.  That is why Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros goes to great measures to make it as simple and fast to obtain auto insurance.

We really go the extra mile to make sure that you are getting the appropriate Las Vegas policy that is structured especially for you.  Because there are different requirements for vehicle insurance here in Las Vegas, we are the experts and can ensure you that you will be issued the car insurance policy that is both, right for you, and is legally accepted by the State of Nevada.

Let’s start with the most frequently asked question that we get on a daily basis.  “What is the minimum car insurance that I will need to be legal here in Las Vegas?”  The answer isn’t as simple as you would think.  The following is really for a vehicle that is not driven that frequently, more like a classic car that spends most of its life in the garage.

The minimum insurance policy for the regular car owner will need to provide at least a $25,000 amount of bodily injury in their insurance liability policy.  It is a fact that Nevada is a “fault” state.  This means that the driver or any other person that causes the accident is responsible for any bodily injuries that occur due to the car accident.  They are also responsible for any damages to any vehicles involved in the car accident and also liable for any losses to parties affected by the car crash.  This can mean lost wages or other extenuating circumstances due to the car wreck.

So in reality, the basic package for car insurance in Las Vegas is as follows:

$25,000 / $50,000 / $20,000

This simply means that you are covered up to $25,000 per person per car collision not to exceed $30,000.  Basically, you are covered for other people in your car that may be injured.  The other part of this car insurance policy states that you are also covered with $20,000 if you cause injury to any other person that may have been involved in the car accident.  It is not recommended that you purchase Las Vegas cheap car insurance.

It is also very crucial that any individuals that choose to register and insure a car here in Las Vegas realize one major fact.  It is now disclosed that one in eight drivers on our roads here in Las Vegas do not have any insurance.  That is about 12.6 percent!  Yes, you heard us clear….you need to have car insurance in Las Vegas.  Let’s think about that for a moment.  Let’s say you are on a crowded surface street or freeway where there are cars you can see everywhere you look.  Now you suddenly realize that one out of those eight cars actually has no car insurance.

There's even a more scary statistic is that even half of the other cars on our roadways are actually underinsured.  This is why it is so important that you consult Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros to make sure that you are completely covered for car insurance here in Las Vegas and southern Nevada.  The reason is simple, if you are in a car accident and you do not have the appropriate car insurance for your vehicle, you can then find yourself responsible for tons of expenses such as additional car damage repair work and even hospital bills.  Las Vegas car insurance can be a challenge to figure out what is right for you and your family but we are confident that we will provide the best car insurance money can buy.

You might stop now and think to yourself that is really important to have the most coverage that you can afford.  So here are the numbers that are affiliated with full coverage insurance here in Las Vegas:

$100,000 / $300,000 / $100,000

So let us explain in detail what this car insurance coverage actually means for you.  The first $100,000 is to cover $100,000 liability insurance per person up to the total amount of $300,000.  The second $100,000 is for any property damage that may have occurred during the car accident.  Often times, the car accident does encumber areas around the car accident and this vehicle insurance now covers you for any of that damage.  This full coverage vehicle insurance policy also gives you just a $250 deductible for comprehensive and collision rather than other cheap car insurance policies that require much higher deductibles.

The State of Nevada does not require you to provide full car insurance coverage on a leased or financed vehicle.  They do require the minimum state car insurance coverage limits plus coverage to protect any persons from physical damage or injuries due to a car accident.  It is highly unlikely though if you have a car lease or actually finance a car from a dealership or private financial institution, they will most definitely require full auto insurance coverage here in Las Vegas and many other cities across the nation.

Let’s face it, that car is their asset and they are going to do everything in their power to protect that car until it is paid off.  That is where providing Las Vegas auto insurance to your lien holder is so important.  Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros can provide you with all your auto insurance needs.  Whether it is your classic car sitting in your garage and attending car shows, all of your family's vehicles, or your fleet of cars for your business, we are here to help.  Ask for your car insurance discounts when you obtain car insurance with us as we have several different discounts that may apply to you!  Call us today or fill out our simple form to get your car insurance quote today.  And remember, cheap insurance is just that, cheap insurance.

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