About Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros

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Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros is a family owned, locally owned and operated auto Insurance business.  We are proud to serve the Southern Nevada area for decades now.  We take pride in knowing that we are always there for the families here in Las Vegas and the outlying areas.  Las Vegas is a fast growing city and we have really faced the extreme challenges as we grow with the city.

Our family is all born and raised here in Las Vegas so we are aware of the growth and ever-changing regulations placed on local insurance consumers.  Being here for the length of time that we have gives us power, strength, and knowledge to deal with new bills that are constantly being introduced to our legislature.  This really allows us to be prepared so that we can be ready for any substantial changes to the insurance industry.  We have developed a strong business relationship with many entities here in Las Vegas and we are very well respected in the insurance community.

As members of our local Chamber of Commerce and several other organizations, we are always engaged in our local community and giving back as much as possible.  Las Vegas is our home and we are proud to be part of this entertainment capital of the World.  With all of the major growth such as the addition of the NHL Vegas Golden Knights and the NFL Las Vegas Raiders brings a whole new dynamic to our valley.  Obviously, these are all very positive attributes to our city but with that positive also comes challenges.

Our insurance team is truly dedicated to face all the challenges that are to come and we embrace them to make sure that our clients benefit in every way to better their auto insurance experience.  Las Vegas is unlike any city in the entire World and we are always working everyday to keep up with all the latest and greatest benefits and opportunities for our customers.  Our team of insurance agents is growing rapidly and we are looking forward to the future and what it has in store for all of us here in Las Vegas.  We thank the community for their continuing support of our business and we are dedicated to the future of Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros and our customers.