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Don’t be fooled or misguided, cheap auto accident insurance is just that, cheap auto insurance.  Although most Las Vegas residents don’t realize it, car insurance is definitely required by Nevada State law.  This is especially true for new Las Vegas residents that have recently moved to the area.    Let’s face it one of the last things on your mind before making a move is your auto insurance policy.  The penalties for not obtaining Las Vegas auto insurance can be quite intense and if it is found that you don’t have the mandatory car insurance that the state requires you can even be looking at doing time in jail.  This is why it is very important to contact Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros immediately, if not before you make a move to our lovely city for your auto insurance needs.

We take great pride in making sure that not only you receive the appropriate auto insurance policy for you and that it is the most affordable and the protection is efficient and up to Las Vegas auto insurance standards.  We really are the experts and your one-stop shop for your Las Vegas auto insurance needs.  You can fill out the form on this page for your immediate auto accident insurance quote if you need help now.

Everyone is always asking for the cheapest car insurance or the minimum insurance that they have to buy.  We understand, everyone is on a budget and that is where we really help to choose the insurance policy that will be right for you and your family.  We also know that it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right Las Vegas auto insurance agent as there are so many choices.  We not only make sure your totally taken care of in all your insurance needs, but we promise to get you through the auto insurance process fast and correct on the first time so you’re not wasting time with your Las Vegas auto insurance search.  So the minimum for an auto accident insurance policy here in Las Vegas is as follows: $15000 / $30000 / $10000

This type of car insurance policy covers just the basics and does not cover comprehensive and collision that other full coverage auto accident insurance policies would do.  You will be covered up to $15000 per collision and not to exceed $30000.  This auto accident insurance coverage is basic and really doesn’t cover a lot if there are serious injuries or damage to a vehicle.  Finally, the remaining $10000 covers other injuries to others that were involved in the auto accident.  We here at Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros are happy to sit down with you either in person or over the phone to explain why we do not recommend the minimum Las Vegas auto insurance policy.

Another reason why you need to contact us first is that we are the experts when it comes to auto insurance policies for either financed or leased vehicles.  Different circumstances require different auto accident insurance policies here in Las Vegas and we know all the ins and outs so you will have the correct auto insurance policy for your current situation.  There are many factors when it comes to providing auto insurance here in Las Vegas and we are the experts in figuring that process out for you.

It is a scary fact that you might not be aware of that actually about 12.6 percent of drivers on our road here in Las Vegas do not even have auto insurance.  That equates out to almost one in eight drivers without auto accident insurance.  That can really make you think next time you’re sitting out in a crowded freeway or even a busy surface street….who actually has auto accident insurance and who doesn’t?  It is a really bad gamble to make in regards to Las Vegas auto insurance.  On top of that equation, over half of the remaining percentage are underinsured making it much more important to make sure you have the appropriate Las Vegas car insurance.  It’s really a simple reason to have the correct auto insurance.  If you don’t have the correct coverage and unfortunately you find yourself in an auto accident, you can be liable for not only damages for yourself but others injuries and their auto damage.

It’s time that you think things over and realizes that it is much more important to have the best and affordable Las Vegas auto insurance so that you are not put into a situation that becomes devastating to both you and your family very quickly.  This is why we suggest and provide the best Las Vegas car insurance policies that you can purchase.  Here is the maximum auto insurance policy that you can purchase: $100000 / $300000 / $100000

In detail, this car accident insurance coverage is explained like this.  The first $100000 is to cover liability auto insurance per person and not to exceed $300000.  The second $100000 is to cover any and all property damage that may occur to nearby businesses or residential areas due to the auto accident.  Most likely if you are involved in an auto accident, percentages show that you will also affect a nearby structure or other items such as a street pole or sign that will have to be replaced.  Our full coverage Las Vegas car insurance does just that.  We make sure that you and your family are 100% taken care of if such a tragic situation should come about.  This full coverage auto insurance can also make your deductibles as low as $250 per comprehensive or collision incident.  This is a much better auto accident insurance option than the cheap auto accident insurance that is out there and available.  Most agents just want to sell you a cheap auto insurance policy and get you out the door….little do you know that most cheap car insurance policies never even cover accidents and there you are scrambling for help and the most uncomfortable time.

So now that you have the facts, give us a call today or go ahead and fill out the form on this page so we can get you an auto accident insurance quote that works for you today.  We have great payment plans and we can get you proof of auto accident insurance here in Las Vegas immediately so that you can get your vehicle registered and get out on the road.  Whatever your Las Vegas auto insurance needs are, we are here for you.



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